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Area alarm

  • Monday, August 07, 2017 6:54 PM
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     You're doing an annual test at a hospital where the normal oxygen pressure is 55 psi. 

     You note that the area alarm does not activate when you put 60 PSI pressure to the sensor. 

     What should you do? 

    A)  Tell the hospital that their pressures high in their oxygen system and adjust the oxygen system appropriately. 

    B)  Note that there was a high alarm failure at 60 PSI in your report. 

    C)  Raise the pressure on the sensor till you get a high alarm and note the activation point. 

    D)  Notify the hospital that they need their system serviced in your report. 

  • Tuesday, August 08, 2017 7:29 PM
    Reply # 5019891 on 5017396

    E) Nothing

    *The high alarm would be required to activate at 66 psi if the normal line pressure is 55 psi (20% above). Wouldn't you bring the pressure up to that 66 psi to see if it activates? 

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  • Saturday, August 12, 2017 8:54 AM
    Reply # 5026327 on 5017396
    Al Moon (Administrator)



    Section #5.1.11 The normal pressures for Oxygen are 50-55 psig.

    So, 50 is normal, 51 is normal, 52 is normal,

    53 is normal, 54 is normal and 55 is also normal

    and within the standard code requirement.




    Section # Is the requirement for the area alarm 20% increase and decrease set points from the normal line pressure. That is the 50-55 psig range. COOL



    Section # The accuracy of the digital indicators in the area alarm panel can be off scale by (+ or - 5 percent) of the operating pressures.




    If a hospital has 50 area alarm panels and you do an annual on August 31 and the

    oxygen line pressure is 50 psig, the alarm set points are 40 and 60 psig.

    All is good right?

    Now on September 01 the hospital has a procedure to rotate the final line regulators each month and that regulator is set for 53 psig.

    Which is totally normal per #5.1.11.

    So are you going to tell hospital to go back and to all 50 alarms and re-set the hi and low set point? Remember to take in to account the + or - 5% differential at the area alarm digital read out.


    Is the hospital ready out of compliance ? 

    Are the patient ready in danger ?

    Is the equipment ready going to fail ?

    Are their any real mortality or morbidity case studies on this ? (i.e. a white paper)


    Conclusion In my opinion only.

    A oxygen system that is within the normal ranges of 50 to 55 psig,

    with the area alarm set at 40 psig low and 60 psig high is acceptable.



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