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    Hello this my first question on this forum. 

    I have a customer asking about Lokring and the 2012 code.  I am want to make sure that there is a statement or document from Lokring that says they meet the 2012 code, the only information I can find shows it meeting NFPA 99 2005.  2005 does not include pressure testing at 300 psi.  Does anyone else have any information on this??

    The following code is from NFPA 99 2012: Axially swaged, elastic strain preload fittings providing

    metal-to-metal seals, having a temperature rating not

    less than 538°C (1000°F) and a pressure rating not less than

    2070 kPa (300 psi), and that, when complete, are permanent

    and nonseparable shall be permitted to be used to join copper

    or stainless steel tube.

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