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NFPA 99, 2018 Inspections

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2018 1:32 PM
    Message # 5737165
    Steve Bradshaw (Administrator)

    So it looks like job site inspections are now required to be performed by a 6020 or 6030 per NFPA 99, 2018.  The scope of work only includes witnessing the installer's soap test (initial leak test) and labeling. (which I'm calling the scope of work) allows the AHJ or designee to witness the initial leak test instead of an ASSE 6020 or 6030.  The labeling must be inspected only by a 6020 or 6030.  

    Is it also required to follow the scope of work from the ASSE 6020 in addition to this new NFPA code (i.e. documentation review, job site inspections, etc.)?  In the scope of work from ASSE 6000 the 6020 inspector must review the verifier's report and credentials.  That would imply that the inspector and verifier must be different entities?

    I'm not interested in being on a job site daily to watch the installer do his initial pressure test every day during a 6 month job.

    Reference:  NFPA 99, 2018

    N System Inspection.

    N General.

    N System inspections shall be performed prior to concealing piping distribution systems in walls, ceilings, chases, trenches, underground, or otherwise hidden from view.

    N The test gas shall be nitrogen NF.

    N Inspections shall be conducted by a party technically competent and experienced in the field of medical gas and vacuum pipeline inspections and testing and meeting the requirements of ASSE 6020, Professional Qualifications Standard for Medical Gas Systems Inspectors, or ASSE 6030, Professional Qualifications Standard for Medical Gas Systems Verifiers.

    N Inspections shall be performed by a party other than the installing contractor.

    N Where systems have not been installed by in-house personnel, inspections shall be permitted by personnel of the organization who meet the requirements of

    N Inspections.

    N The initial pressure tests performed by the installing contractor shall be witnessed by an ASSE 6020 inspector, an ASSE 6030 verifier, or the authority having jurisdiction or its designee. A form indicating that this test has been performed and witnessed shall be provided to the verifier at the start of the tests required in

    N The presence and correctness of labeling and valve tagging required by this code for all concealed components and piping distribution systems shall be inspected.

  • Friday, February 16, 2018 2:42 PM
    Reply # 5740881 on 5737165
    Al Moon (Administrator)

    and what of this question ?

    ? Is it a conflict for the persons or company, that install the low voltage wiring - to certify and test they our work ?


    From the information listed below, in my opinion, I believe it could.


    By definition the switch wiring, is part of the distribution system.

    Distribution system shall be Inspected (see and Verification


    Chapter 3 Definitions

    3.3.143  Piped Distribution System. A pipeline network assembly of equipment that starts at and includes the source valve,warning systems (master, area, local alarms), bulk gas system signal actuating switch wiring, interconnecting piping, and all other components up to and including the station outlets/inlets. (PIP)  System Verification.  Testing shall be performed by a party other than the installing contractor.



  • Saturday, February 17, 2018 1:16 PM
    Reply # 5741904 on 5737165

     So who ensures that the codes are followed? 

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