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MGPHO BOD Meeting Spring 2016

  • Monday, October 12, 2015 5:55 PM
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    Al Moon (Administrator)

    The MGPHO Board of Directors Meeting will be held at The Denver Airport Marriott SpringHill Suites on Friday March 4, 2016 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Following is the agenda for this meeting:


    Call to order: 7:30 a.m.

    Antitrust Guidelines summary – Bob Sutter

    Quorum Call

    Approval of minutes of previous BOD meetings Oct 14-16, 2014

    Opening remarks

    • President – General Comments

    Discussion/review of old & new business

    • Reports from committees

    1. Finance

    a. Financial Report

    b. Annual Meeting Location Report

    c. Review new Meeting Fees, Testing & Membership Fees. Dues report for 2016.

    d. Costs for GoTo Meeting if not subsidized by an officer’s company

    e. Does our professional liability insurance policy cover us as a credentialing


    f. Web Site Update Report

    2. Structure

    a. Is it a conflict of interest if candidates for VP Credentials have established

    themselves as credentialing agencies for any ASSE 6000 card?

    b. Make sure the Bylaws and Policies cooperate seamlessly

    c. MGPHO BOD represented on ASSE6000 Working Group.

    3. Membership

    a. Membership updates

    b. Approve Barry Hunt’s nomination to Special Expert by Scott Jussel.

    c. BOG meeting at next conference to welcome attendees

    d. Use of Dropbox for committee and BOD file sharing

    e. QR code usage suggestions

    f. Affiliate membership with other groups

    g. Invitation for an experimental foreign corporate membership at no charge for 1


    h. Corporate members vs corporate sponsors (if necessary, proposed by Carsten,

    4-8-14) Tabled at last BOD meeting.

    i. LinkedIn Profile

    j. Need to visit Cheryl's comments about disabling past due members - they lose their profile, access to website features, credential renewal issues, etc.

    4. Credentials

    a. Status report on CMGV® exams given to the 2015 edition. Updated list of card

    holders and eligible candidates that have not taken it.

    b. Exam locations and proctors for CMGV® test.

    c. Proctor responsibilities guide.

    d. Progress on new 2015 6035 Bulk Verifier Update examination based on new

    ASSE 6000 and CGA M-1 with input from Bob Sutter.

    e. Status of new 6035 cards with 12-31-16 expiration date.

    5. Education

    a. Agenda and Format for 2016 Annual Meeting

    b. STP study on pathogens in vacuum outlets. Is this ongoing or complete?

    c. Use of GoToMeeting to conduct “virtual” meetings

    d. Use of webinars for educational events

    6. Legal

    a. Article about CMGV® registration for the website.

    b. Chinese standards & copyright issues

    c. Suggestion from Mark Allen to develop an exchange program, in which their

    first verifier candidates might do field work with U.S. verifiers.

    d. MGPHO representation on the code/standards committees such as NFPA, ASSE,

    and CGA

    • Other Unfinished business
    1. Website

      a. Sync Forum w/ LinkedIn

      b. Need to set up payment/registration deadlines, educational event/credential renewal schedule on website calendar

      c. Committee work access (Dropbox)

    Adjourn at 3:30 p.m.

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    Thanks Al. 

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