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  • Friday, February 01, 2019 4:33 PM
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    One of my customers has a really nasty installation that was part of an acquisition. The customer is a small local hospital and they claim that they don't have any money to make the required upgrade. My customer wants to walk away from the account. Here is my question. Is there any way grants or funding that can help small facilities that don't have any money? Also, what is the best way for my customer to walk away from this account because they feel the risk is too great to their reputation. 

  • Saturday, February 02, 2019 7:13 AM
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    Al Moon (Administrator)

    Working in healthcare, as a healthcare provider

    you follow the Hippocratic Oath

    In business you follow Good Business Practices.

    In my Opinion.

    When we supply services and sales to healthcare facilities,

    it is our responsibility to provide for the Public Safety.

    Within these Good Business Practices.  

    I have no personal knowledge of grants for this type request.

    As for what should a supplier, contractor or company should do in this scenario.

    I believe consulting with their insurance agency / underwriter is in order.

    One would think they are better suited for the design of the exit strategy.

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  • Saturday, February 02, 2019 11:51 AM
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     Bob have you seen the installation to know how bad it is? It’s still up to the individual or company that is going to be doing the work as to how much risk they want to take. There have been jobs that I have walked away from for a variety of reasons. 

     Knowing more of the situation and photos the forum could give better help. 

  • Sunday, February 03, 2019 8:41 PM
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    Hello Don, no I have not seen the installation. If they are considering walking away from this account it must be really bad. I will get more details when I am at the office in two weeks.

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