Medical Vacuum System Piping and Inlets Locations per NFPA 99 (any edition)

  • Wednesday, November 01, 2023 9:17 AM
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    Al Moon (Administrator)


    My question today is - where in the NFPA 99 Code is there a statement overriding section #

    Permitted Locations for Medical Gases. Central supply

    systems and medical gas outlets for oxygen, medical air,

    nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and all other patient medical

    gases shall be piped only into areas where the gases will be

    used under the direction of licensed medical professionals for

    purposes congruent with the following:


    (1) Direct respiration by patients

    (2) Clinical application of the gas to a patient, such as the use

    of an insufflator to inject carbon dioxide into patient

    body cavities during laparoscopic surgery and carbon dioxide

    used to purge heart-lung machine blood flow ways

    (3) Medical device applications directly related to respiration

    (4) Power for medical devices used directly on patients

    (5) Calibration of medical devices intended for (1) through (4)

    (6) Simulation centers for education, training and assessment


    The medical–surgical vacuum and WAGD systems

    shall not be used for nonmedical applications.  

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