Instrument Air

  • Monday, February 27, 2017 12:21 PM
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    We have a installation who's engineers have an interesting take on Instrument Air.  They have created an hybrid of Instrument Air and a simple Compressed Air system.  The intended use of the gas is not exactly spelled out however it is going into biomed, and sterile processing.  The hospital is using nitrogen for tools and boom brakes.  

    There are not a lot of items they would have to do to be compliant with NFPA in regards to and I. Air system.....however,

    My question is in regards to the DISS 2080 "Instrument Air" connection created by CGA (V-5).  Was the intent of CGA to create an alternate air connection which could be used for any purpose other than the DISS 1160 "Medical Air"?


    Was the intent of CGA to create a specific fitting ONLY to be used for Instrument Air?

    I'm interested to hear anyones thoughts or perhaps the history of the fitting.

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