Dual Final Line Regulator

  • Tuesday, September 06, 2022 6:15 PM
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    Mathis Carlson (Administrator)

    I was sent this picture and had a discussion with someone in the industry today and wanted to look for some additional opinions.
    ***Disclaimer: We know that they connected the outlet piping to the relief vent and that needs to change**

    Here's the basic scenario:

    1)Line feeding from the Cryogenic Fluid Central Supply System is 4" copper at 95 Psi

    2)Vertical 2" line just before regulators feeds the Hyperbaric
    3)Regulators will reduce pressure from 95 Psi to 53 Psi feeding 3" main line to the building. Bed tower is about 550 beds, 60+ ED Bays and 15+ OR's

    So, other than the relief vent/outlet piping what are the thoughts?

    My main concern looking at it is the power curve and rated output on the installed regulators being substantially lower than the rated output out at the CFCSS. 

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  • Wednesday, September 07, 2022 7:34 AM
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    It would be one thing to look at the flow curves for the regulators themselves (which I would doubt are adequate). I would also be concerned about the pressure drops through all of the fittings and what I assume are check valves. Whoever designed that set up better sign up for Marks 6060 class. 

  • Wednesday, September 07, 2022 12:07 PM
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    I agree with Bob‘s statement. The dual line regulator system for a 500 bed hospital is definitely too small.

  • Thursday, September 08, 2022 7:38 AM
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    I reached out to my local Amico guy to see what the regulators were sized for.  He replied with this:

    "With the Input pressure of about 100psi and the output pressure at 50psi the flow rate for the dual line is about 4500 SCFH." 

    Hope the helps ya.  I don't know what the bulk system is sized for is but at least this gives you some actual data. 


  • Thursday, September 08, 2022 9:30 AM
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    Cary Darden (Administrator)

    Here is a picture of what we typically provide when a second set of final line regulators is needed inside of a hospital facility, downstream of the bulk oxygen source.  It is a good bit more robust than what you had pictured, the one in this picture is serving a 400 bed facility.  The regulators have 1" NPT inlet and outlet ports.  These are the same as the final line regulators (balanced design) used on a lot of final line bulk oxygen manifolds.  This picture was taken prior to final verification so pay no attention to the valve positions. 

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  • Friday, September 09, 2022 9:18 AM
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    Mathis Carlson (Administrator)

    Thanks all, the replies have confirmed what my initial thoughts were, as well as those of the party who reached out to me. 
    One of the great benefits of the organization is getting perspective from many different people.

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